Julie driving

On August 4, 1992, Julie was a happy, healthy, athletic, outgoing, 43 year old newly-wed, enjoying a business trip with me in Hong Kong.  On the evening of August 5th, she suffered a major stroke.  Only her excellent health and clean arteries allowed her to survive, but she was not unscathed.  She had the terrible misfortune of several complications which after 15 years of trial medications, treatments, and 9 brain surgeries, never improved.  She couldn’t feel her left hand or foot (making assistance necessary to walk), slurred her words, and had severe balance issues.  In spite of conventional therapies, Julie’s condition continued to deteriorate.

In January 2007, we were in New York and had dinner with old friends of Julie, and their daughter, Danielle, just happened to join us.  Julie knew Danielle since she was a young child, and they had always been close when Danielle was growing up.  Danielle had no idea what Julie had been going through since the stroke.  Danielle, herself, had just made a remarkable recovery from an accident the year prior and explained that through integrating yoga with a conventional rehabilitation program, she was able to heal completely in record time.  On the spot, Danielle offered to come to Savannah and work daily with Julie.  The goal:  to stop the downward spiral of deterioration and start an upward spiral of healing so that Julie could walk normally again.  She was with us for 3 months – by the second month, major improvements started and by the third month Danielle trained some local professionals to provide Julie with an infrastructure by which to continue her healing process. They worked very hard together, using many different techniques, and even got Julie to move away from her medications and into herbal alternatives.  By the end of that period, Julie’s stride with her left foot was straight ahead.  She could walk normally again and drove (for the first time since the stroke) Danielle to the airport to say good-bye.  It was a remarkable achievement for all of us!

Buddy Metzger, Julie’s husband, age 68