I can’t believe that just a few months ago I was facing the possibility of lifetime medication for a diagnosis of Hashimoto Thyroiditis.

How blessed I am that just a few months prior to the process of the diagnosis I met Danielle.  When I told her what was going on, she introduced me to the DK-8 program and today, 2 months later, I am completely back to normal.  No medication, no more doctor visits and I feel better than ever.

A common throat virus that was going around eventually attacked my thyroid.  I had high blood pressure, a high heart rate, extreme irritability, weight loss and a variety of other odd symptoms. Finally, I was so exhausted I was basically bed ridden for over 4 weeks.

After numerous doctor visits and being told that I had a simple virus that would go away, the doctor finally did a battery of blood tests and found that my thyroid and liver counts were off the charts.  He immediately took me off the original anti-biotic he had put me on and prescribed Inderal, a heart medication.  When I questioned why heart medication, I was told it was just to alleviate the symptoms temporarily until I could get a thyroid scan. He told me that after the results of the scan, I would probably continue with the Inderal and also be put on additional specific thyroid medication.

I hesitated to take the medication, based on the side effects (fatigue and weight gain).  I couldn’t face being more exhausted than I already was so I started the DK-8 program.

I had two sessions of the re-connective healing, and my symptoms absolutely disappeared.  It was amazing, but what was more amazing was that after the two sessions I finally had my thyroid scan.  The results were normal to the complete surprise of the doctors.

Along with re-connective healing, Danielle introduced me to balanced and organic nutrition.  She actually accompanied me to the store and taught me how to read labels and find alternatives for the foods that I love but don’t necessarily love me! I have found these foods to be fantastic and more satisfying than anything I ever ate before.

Thanks to Danielle, I have also re-discovered yoga and my mental attitude and psyche have never been better.

The whole integrative process with the constant attention and support from Danielle has changed my life. And thanks to Danielle, I never had to go on any destructive medication. I will always follow the program and know that Danielle will be there for me.

Thank you Danielle.

Julie Coppin