Crisis Coaching

Miriam and Mike

My husband, Mike, suddenly fell ill with kidney and coronary heart failure just a month shy of his 93rd birthday. Hour by hour, my husband started slipping away – it was so sudden and so fast – it brought me and my entire family into complete shock and tremendous stress.  Just a few days after his admission to the hospital, Mike was completely despondent; he would not eat, he would not respond to anyone, including me – his wife of 38 years.  I heard about Danielle’s visits in the hospital and prayed she could help us.  She started coming daily and within 4 days – I had my husband back.  He started eating again, he started joking around again, he started teasing me again.  It was a relief.  I asked Danielle to keep coming daily until Mike’s physical condition strengthened.  He was himself again, but we still had some huge physical hurdles to overcome.  Each day this angel would come to visit my husband.  I don’t know what she did - all I know is that after each visit, Mike was always happier, more comfortable and better energized.

Eventually, all the tubes and machines were taken away, except for one IV to ensure his hydration.  Unfortunately, Mike passed away two days shy of his birthday.  After 93 years here – his heart and kidneys simply didn’t want to work.  I will be forever grateful to Danielle.  She gave me my husband back so that we could say good-bye.  Not only was she instrumental in assisting Mike in his last days, she was of pivotal support to our entire family.  Although it was only for a few short weeks, it was worth the world to me and my family – to have him smile at me, say, “I love you”, and pass away in such peace and comfort.

Miriam Krause, November 2006


I always hear from friends about health crisis calls from family and their need to jump on a plane to see their loved one in the hospital.  I never thought I would get one of those calls.  This past summer, my brother, Tom, suffered a severe stroke and was in the ICU. I was terrified. I’m an acquaintance of Danielle and familiar with her work: I called her immediately and we met before my flight. I explained the circumstances and Danielle literally wrote a To-Do List for me. This was a comprehensive list so that I could be fully prepared the moment I entered Tom’s hospital. From nutritional advice for Tom to how to handle the dynamics in my family, she provided me with a step-by-step program the help Tom get back on his feet as soon as possible.

At the end of our meeting, she gave me the list and said, “Call me with any questions – whenever they come up – be it 2pm or 2am – I’m on call for you.” With all these new-found tools, I spent a week with Tom and my family with great success. Tom got out of the hospital in 32 days and started rehabilitation shortly thereafter. Between Danielle’s list and my complete access to her, I was calm and confident for my entire visit. In fact, upon my departure, my entire family thanked me for all my assistance. I smiled, knowing that Danielle’s program had worked, and boarded the plane with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing how helpful I was to my entire family during this time of crisis.

-Christo Rein, Well Being Manager-Standard Hotel, Miami, age 42