About dk-8

On January 5, 2006, I had an accident resulting in a broken neck, four broken ribs, and a brain injury.  Due to my background in yoga and nutrition, I integrated these tools into a conventional rehabilitation program.  The expected recovery time was five years.  I recovered in 6 months.


By providing my body the space it needed to heal itself.  There’s a natural intelligence within each of us:  The intelligence that beats our hearts without the need to think about it. The intelligence that automatically digests our food.  The intelligence that closes up a cut in just a few days after we remove the band-aid. You can learn more about how I acquired this knowledge by perusing THE GENESIS of dk-8 Section.

As a society, we have lost our trust in this intelligence.  I help you get it back - so you can heal and move on to a fun and joyous life.  Whether you’re suffering from cancer or diabetes or depression or you simply want to lose weight and have more energy, these are all imbalances which will resolve themselves once you provide your body the space it needs to heal.


dk-8 is a comprehensive, customized wellness program.  Within the comfort and privacy of your own home, I will work with you, one-on-one, to make the necessary changes to resolve your imbalance.  dk-8 incorporates three modalities to ensure that once your imbalance is resolved, it will never return.

1. Nutritional Analysis: What you eat has a profound effect on you.  We make the necessary changes by eliminating all the foods in your kitchen that do not serve you.  Then, we take a field trip to the grocery store so you learn how to read labels and understand what will work for you.

2. Activity Analysis: Stress is the single, greatest catalyst to all imbalances and physical activity is the most effective management tool for stress.  We look at your current regimen and make the necessary changes to ensure that whatever stress you’re under doesn’t stay trapped within your body.

3. Reconnective Healing™: Reconnective Healing™ is a hands-off healing modality that has proven results for a variety of issues.  While everyone has different experiences with it – ALL clients have raved about how deeply relaxed they felt after every session.

You may learn more about the dk-8 program by perusing the results from clients in the Testimonial Section. The dk-8 system has proven results for each client in just 8 weeks.


The body’s innate intelligence to heal itself takes a few weeks to initiate. Once this healing mechanism begins, a momentum starts to build and clients feel better and better. Through a combination of factors, this healing mechanism provides the pivotal healing shift from any condition in 8 weeks. You can learn more about the benefits of nutrition, yoga, and Reconnective Healing™ by perusing the Media Section.

The dk-8 program is simple because it’s customized to your lifestyle.  Moreover, it’s made convenient and easy because I work with you in your own home.  It will gently guide you to your own balance. It helped me recover from a brain injury in record time and it’s helped others recover from cancer, stroke, and many other conditions. Most importantly, once you’ve completed your 8 week journey with dk-8, you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure your wellness for the rest of your life.

Just 8 weeks – it will change your life forever.

I thank you for your interest in dk-8.